(Numbers in parentheses are the family numbers in Harvey Hostetler's Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler)
Carl Franklin Hostetter b. Aug. 6, 1965, Harrisburg, PA; son of
Carl Eugene Hostetter b. Nov. 3, 1929, Harrisburg, PA; d. March 25, 1994; son of
Carl Franklin Hostetter b. June 27, 1910, Harrisburg, PA; d. July 23, 1960; son of
Rayfield J. Hostetter b. Aug. 5, 1888, Mechanicsburg, PA; d. ?; son of
Abraham Kurtz Hostetler (6638) b. Oct. 30, 1865, Thompsontown, Pa.; d.?; son of
Samuel Hostetler (6633) b. Feb. 22, 1833, East Salem, PA; d. ?; son of
John Hostetler (6605) b. July 26, 1790, Berks Co., PA; d. Jan. 18, 1877; son of
John Hostetler (6527) b. ?; d. c. Jan. 20, 1807, Mifflin, PA; son of
Joseph Hostetler (6526) b. c. Aug., 1742; d. c. Aug. 24, 1812, Mifflin, PA; son of
Jacob Hochstetler (1) b. 1712, Echery, near St. Marie-aux-Mines, Alsace (then in Switzerland, now France); d. c. Feb. 1776, Bernville, PA
arrived in Philadelphia, PA on Nov. 9, 1738, on the ship Charming Nancy.

Source: Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler, the Immigrant of 1736 by Rev. Harvey Hostetler, D.D. (Elgin, Ill.: Brethren Publishing House, 1912). Available for free in PDF format at Google Books.

For more information on Jacob Hochstetler and his descendants, see the excellent Jacob Hochstetler family Web pages.

The information on Jacob Hochstetler given above accords with what seems to be the current consensus thought, reflecting recent information. According to Harvey Hostetler's book, Jacob Hochstetler was born in 1704 in Switzerland, and arrived in the USA on Sept. 1, 1736, on the ship Harle.

Here is my father, Carl Eugene Hostetter:
Here are (counter-clockwise from bottom right) my grandfather (and namesake), Carl Franklin Hostetter; my great grandfather, Rayfield J. Hostetter; my great great grandfather, Abraham Kurtz Hostetler; and my great great great grandfather, Samuel Hostetler:

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